We offer an exceptional healthcare accounting service for healthcare professionals. We add value by providing relevant, informed and tailored medical accounting advice on issues specific to your business. By combining our experience in your sector with many years of providing tax and accounting advice in the wider market, we can ensure that the service you receive will give you the results you require with the minimum of disruption.


Our experience of advising both GPs’ practices and healthcare centres means we can target the advice to your specific requirements whether it is superannuation or incorporation of part of your practice, the VAT risks for GP’s and new health centres or one of the other GP specific issues. We have experience in assisting our clients with partner personal expense claims and GP average earnings per practice calculations. Our client focused approach will give you the advice you need.


We provide a healthcare accounting service which is specifically tailored to your dental practice. Our specialised dentist accountants offer advice in implementing tax efficient strategies advice for associates, sole practitioners, expense sharing partnerships and full partnerships.

We have a wealth of experience in providing consultancy services to dentists and can provide specialist consultancy service such as incorporating your business and advice on UDA & UOA under and over performance.


Our accounting and business services for opticians can help optometrists with all their bookkeeping, VAT and tax requirements. Whether it is developing a suitable bookkeeping system for smaller sole traders and partnerships, advice on VAT apportionment or explanations about alternative tax efficient strategies, we will give advice that is specific to your business and personal circumstances.


Advising a pharmacy requires an in-depth understanding of the complex VAT rules together with the constantly changing environment and your relationship with your main customers. Our team has expertise in advising all types of pharmacies within the industry including 100 hour, 40 hour and distance sellers. Whether you are acquiring a new pharmacy, selling your business or purely need a fresh approach, we have pharmacy accountants with the experience to give you all the advice and support that you require.

Locums and associates

Every locum and associate requires the right advice that takes into consideration not only their position as a locum but also their personal circumstances. Considering whether you should incorporate and, for those who ultimately wish to run their own business, being able to advise as you develop, are critical areas in which we specialise. This means that we can give you a complete service not only in the short or medium but also in the long term.

Other healthcare fields

We also provide comprehensive medical accounting, tax and VAT advice to practitioners in many of those areas seen as ancillary to the healthcare.

We at Avin Accountants follow a proactive approach to understand your specific business needs and advise you on all tax and accounting aspects of your business.